TDC NET upgrades Danish fibre network

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Danish broadband and mobile network provider TDC NET is building a fibre network with a coverage of approximately one million homes ready for connection.

Nokia has been selected by the company as the sole supplier to help connect homes and businesses in Denmark with PON fiber to ultra-broadband. 

Starting in Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus and Aalborg, XGS-PON is being implemented for selected existing customers as well as new fibre addresses.

TDC NET has built an open network used by service providers to package broadband services to their own customers. In addition to providing a platform for residential broadband, the provider is moving towards a converged network that will use both GPON and XGS-PON technology for consumers and to support enterprises with ultra-broadband services. 

This single fibre access platform is designed to allow TDC NET to streamline its service delivery and to increase revenues. With XGS-PON, TDC NET says that it is now able to offer fibre services with symmetrical speeds above 1Gb/s.

Michael Fränkle, executive vice President, head of technology at TDC NET said: ‘The demand for higher speeds is exponentially increasing. With Nokia’s ISAM FX converged platform we will be able to serve residential customers and enterprises from the same platform and deliver the Gigabit experience they need in their daily life and to run their business. Fibre deployment is a key contribution to our strategy.’

Sandy Motley, president, fixed networks at Nokia said: ‘The Quillion chipset used in our access nodes enables high capacity, low latency and high precision synchronisation which is especially crucial for 5G transport and which will be an important use-case for TDC NET’s deployment. We are incredibly proud to have been selected as the sole supplier for the GPON/XGS-PON network which has the potential to be upgraded for 25Gb/s systems.’

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04 March 2022

Richard Thorpe, chief delivery officer at CityFibre

15 August 2022

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