Fibre network brings Colorado Springs closer to gigabit city status

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Indiana-based independent provider, Metronet has begun construction of a high-speed full-fibre network in Colorado Springs as part of a $130m investment to make the region a ‘gigabit city’.

Fully funded by the provider, the network will be completed within two years. Work has started in the area north of Dublin Boulevard and east of Union Boulevard, and it is expected to expand rapidly throughout Colorado Springs with the first customers connected later this year. As construction continues throughout the city, customers are able to sign-up for presale. In addition, Metronet plans to hire local market management positions, sales and customer service professionals and service technicians to support the build in the area. 

John Cinelli, CEO at Metronet says: ‘With construction of our 100 per cent fibre optic network beginning in Colorado Springs, residents and businesses are one step closer to having access to ultra-high-speed internet in a time when access to faster and more reliable service is critical. Just more than one year after we began conversations with the city, we are proud to officially begin building the network that will bring multi-gigabit speeds, including 5Gb/s, through XGS PON technology directly to the homes and businesses of the first city we will serve in the Centennial State, Colorado Springs.’

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03 February 2023

Area of impact where Lumos will initially bring its 100% Fiber Optic Internet and Total Home Wi-Fi in Johnston and Harnett County, North Carolina. (Graphic credit: Business Wire)

26 May 2023

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