AT&T improves operational efficiency, sustainability with AI

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AT&T has selected Nvidia-powered AI to help the operator transform its operations and enhance sustainability. The company pledged to be carbon neutral by 2035, and has implemented broad initiatives to make its operations more efficient. A major challenge is optimising energy consumption while providing network infrastructure that delivers data at high speeds.

AT&T first adopted Nvidia’s RAPIDS Accelerator for Apache Spark to capitalise on energy-efficient GPUs across its AI and data science pipelines. This helped boost its operational efficiency across everything from training AI models and maintaining network quality and optimization, to reducing customer churn and improving fraud detection. The company is now testing Nvidia’s cuOpt software to enhance its field dispatch capabilities to handle more complex technician routing and optimisation challenges. In early trials, cuOpt delivered solutions in 10 seconds, while the same computation on x86 CPUs took 1,000 seconds. The results yielded a 40% reduction in cloud costs and allowed technicians to complete more service calls each day. 

As part of its efforts to improve productivity for its more than 150,000 employees, AT&T is also additionally moving to adopt Nvidia Omniverse ACE and Nvidia’s Tokkio, cloud-native AI microservices, workflows and application frameworks for developers to easily build, customise and deploy interactive avatars that can see, perceive, intelligently converse and provide recommendations to enhance the customer service experience.

Andy Markus, Chief Data Officer at AT&T says: “We strive each day to deliver the most efficient global network, as we drive towards net zero emissions in our operations. Working with Nvidia to drive AI solutions across our business will help enhance experiences for both our employees and customers.”

Manuvir Das, vice president of Enterprise Computing at Nvidia adds: “Industries are embracing a new era in which chatbots, recommendation engines and accelerated libraries for data optimisation help produce AI-driven innovations. Our work with AT&T will help the company better mine its data to drive new services and solutions for the AI-powered telco.”

Teresa Monteiro, director solution marketing, network software and automation, Infinera

06 December 2022

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