OptoTest Corp.

OptoTest offers non-bend-insensitive reference cables

Test and measurement specialist OptoTest wants to make sure its customers are aware of a pending update to the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) FOTP-171 standard for testing short-length multimode graded-index and singlemode fibre cable assemblies.

OptoTest launches bidirectional insertion/return loss test system

Camarillo, California-based company OptoTest has launched the OP940-OP725 bidirectional insertion and return loss (IL/RL) test system, which allows operators to make quick work of measuring both ends of cables and duplex connectors.

The system includes an updated version of the OP940 insertion and return loss meter, which can provide direct control of the new OP725 optical switch via USB link.

OptoTest’s integrating sphere tests high-density connectors

California-based test and measurement supplier OptoTest has introduced the OP-SPHR integrating sphere, which is designed as a cost-effective method for testing optical fibres terminated with high-density connectors such as MXC, MTP/MPO, or bare fibre.

The integrating sphere works by reflecting and evenly distributing the light over the entire surface of the internal cavity, making Insertion Loss (IL) measurements stable and repeatable with low polarisation dependence.

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