INCA Conference 2022 insights

Interview with Steven Vermylen, Fixed Network Business Leader at Nokia and Neil Isherwood, Chief Technology & Information Officer at Fibrus

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Walking the line towards 100Tb/s

Keely Portway on how the next-generation of optical networks will be able to provide the capacity required to support ever-increasing  bandwidth demand

Can we fix it?

How do we, as an industry, build better broadband for a post-pandemic world? The answer could be fixed, suggests Stefaan Vanhastel

Facing the fiber-for-everything future

With fiber networks’ ability to create more sustainable connectivity and monetisation opportunities, how can operators take advantage of the benefits provided to ensure the future success their business? Ana Pesovic, marketing director at Nokia explains

2nd from left: Ricky Corker, Chief Customer Experience Officer at Nokia, talks to Finland’s PM and Foreign Trade Minister, Australia’s Minister for Communications and NBN executives at event in Sydney

NBN invests in technology for “faster and greener” network

The Australian operator has adopted Nokia’s Lightspan MF-14 platform to enable convergence of all services over a single fibre infrastructure


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