03 May 2022

Service providers aiming to accelerate fibre deployment to provide competitive connected experiences and prepare for capacity expansion are facing new challenges.

EXFO solutions test up to 800GbE with ultimate flexibility in lab and field – LTB-12 and FTB-4 Pro test platforms with FTBx-88460 modules, BA-4000 electrical bit-error rate tester and EA-4000 sampling scope

03 May 2022

The ability to integrate and test high-speed 400/800GbE networking equipment, to validate interconnect solutions enabling data centre advancement, is key to network evolution.

04 April 2022

Read this white paper to learn: How service providers can significantly reduce the variety and volume of products they need to stock; how to optimise time to market through reduced product delivery times and the ability to quickly configure the solutions they need and how the modular FTTH system helps technicians to train faster and improve the quality and success of the installation

25 February 2022

As we look ahead to a year less impacted by the pandemic, we foresee six areas to be integral to the growth of this sector.

13 January 2022

This white paper explores the component-level and systems-level innovations enabling ROADM evolution along seven vectors related to wavelength capacity-reach, fibre capacity, add/drop and degree flexibility, footprint, openness, operations and manageability, and network availability.