Optical Transmission Equipment

Ekinops introduces support for wireless fronthaul

Optical network equipment supplier Ekinops has introduced a fronthaul product that addresses wireless service providers' urgent need to increase data capacity affordably and efficiently by taking fibre all the way to the base station.

ECI Telecom adds 400G blade to Apollo platform

Israeli optical transport vendor ECI Telecom has introduced the 400G flexible grid blade for its Apollo packet-optical product platform.

The 400G blade is designed to transport data with higher spectral efficiency and port density, resulting in reduced rack space and lower power consumption, the company says.

Xtera launches flex-rate channel card for 100G/100G+

Xtera Communications has launched its new flex-rate card, a next-generation coherent 100G/100G+ channel card to meet today’s and tomorrow’s ever-growing bandwidth demands.

The new card combines high transmission performance with multiple levels of flexibility in optical networking, including selectable wavelength to operate on either fixed or flexible optical grid and programmable signal protocols on the client side, and programmable modulation format (QPSK, 8QAM, or 16QAM), optical channel rate and spectral efficiency on the line side.

MRV upgrades optical channel manager module

MRV Communications has introduced new levels of visibility and intelligence to its optical channel manager (OCM) module, providing intelligent wavelength monitoring for the OptiDriver optical transport platform.

MRV adds flexible bandwidth on OptiDriver platform

MRV Communications has enhanced its flagship OptiDriver optical transport product line with dynamic wavelength routing for intelligent optical network control capabilities. The company says it has strengthened its OptiDriver platform to enable service providers to create a smoother transition to automated, flexible networks to intelligently support unpredictable traffic and bandwidth needs.

Broadcom announces PAM-4 physical layer transceiver

Broadcom Corporation, a provider of semiconductor solutions for wired and wireless communications, has announced a line of high-speed 4-level Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM-4) Physical Layer transceivers (PHYs). The new PAM-4 PHYs enable transmission rates of 40/50 gigabits per second (Gb/s) serially over multiple physical media, including direct attach cables (DAC) and optical fibre.

Smartoptics’ 16 Gb optical transceivers approved by Brocade

Smartoptics, a supplier of optical networking solutions, has announced that its 16Gb optical transceivers have been approved by Brocade in all of their latest fibre channel switches. This allows the lowest cost and highest capacity connectivity options for SAN extensions in business continuity and disaster recovery applications.

TM-Series R23 Fronthaul Muxponder

Transmode has announced the availability of a new Fronthaul Muxponder that is optimised for transport of multiple CPRI and synchronous Ethernet services over a single 10G wavelength. The device has been evaluated and type-approved during a lab test event by Orange Labs, a division of a major European incumbent operator, for CPRI and Ethernet transport.


Molex has announced that its VersaBeam expanded beam ferrule technology and single-mode silicon photonic active optical products will support the new MXC* fibre optic interface.  These and other Molex high-speed, high-density data transmission technologies were featured at OFC 2014 held in San Francisco.

High Dynamic Range ICR

NeoPhotonics Corporation and Inphi Corporation have started shipping a new High Dynamic Range-Integrated Coherent Receiver (HD-ICR) in production volume to their customers. The HD-ICR couples the high dynamic range, low noise, and high input current handling capabilities of the Inphi IN3250TA TIA with the high sensitivity of the NeoPhotonics photodiodes and is designed to deliver the performance necessary for next generation 100G ' colourless' coherent transmission systems.


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