Press Releases

VeEX has announced the general availability of its handheld, field portable, FX120 XG(S)-PON analyser.

ViaLite’s new HRC-5 rack chassis based monitoring and control (M&C) module is designed to fully monitor and control ViaLiteHD RF over fibre systems in a single chassis.

Adva has launched its Ensemble Simulator to allow operators to accurately and reliably evaluate network growth strategies and verify interworking with umbrella management systems in a safe virtual test environment.

Ekinops has delivered its first Ekinops360 ETSc, a new compact optical transport networking (OTN) platform that enables a new Transport-as-a-Service (TaaS) model for service providers.

Oxford Plastics has launched a trench cover to aid the installation of fibre optics and telecommunications throughout the UK.

Newly revealed from OptoTest is a new line of handheld equipment for a range of applications, including data centres, enterprise LAN, telecommunications, aerospace, defense, and industrial network

Ripley Tools has revealed its MSAT-X tool to, designed to offer engineers more flexibility for cable preparation.

The Nanobend cable assembly from Huber+Suhner has been launched to help industries operating critical operations to benefit from improved connectivity in small spaces.

Nokia has launched Gigabit Connect to make it easier for providers to deploy gigabit broadband services in multiple dwelling units (MDUs).

AFL has expanded its Premise MicroCore cable family.