Press Releases

Ranovus and AMD have announced a demonstration of co-packaged optics using a Xilinx Versal adaptive compute acceleration platform (ACAP) and Ranovus Odin optical engine.

Nokia has announced a wide range of upgrades for its next-generation packet optical transport network (P-OTN) solutions for CSPs offering wholesale services.

Marvell and Molex have announced a collaboration to deliver a 400G QSFP-DD optical module that supports the OpenZR+ Multi-Source Agreement (MSA).

Nokia is to unveil its first fully deployable coherent routing solution at the OFC conference.

Trumpf Photonic Components will showcase its current 850nm product portfolio and its future roadmap for longer wavelengths at OFC.

Infinera has introduced the ICE6 Turbo, a coherent optical solution that can operate above 100GBd.

II‐VI Incorporated has introduced its pluggable optical line subsystem (POLS) in the small QSFP form factor for eight-channel 400ZR/ZR+ transport in data centre interconnects (DCIs).

VeEX has announced the general availability of its handheld, field portable, FX120 XG(S)-PON analyser.

ViaLite’s new HRC-5 rack chassis based monitoring and control (M&C) module is designed to fully monitor and control ViaLiteHD RF over fibre systems in a single chassis.

Adva has launched its Ensemble Simulator to allow operators to accurately and reliably evaluate network growth strategies and verify interworking with umbrella management systems in a safe virtual test environment.