Coriant crunches real-time data to boost optical performance

Finding ingenious, software-driven methods to improve the performance of optical hardware is one of the hot topics at OFC 2017, and every vendor has a unique interpretation.

Optical systems vendor Coriant used the show to unveil a real-time performance and analysis software toolkit that it calls “Coriant Aware Technology”. The new capabilities will increase transmission reach and capacity, enable faster and simpler wavelength planning and provisioning, and improve service availability, the company says.

Nokia and Facebook break subsea spectral efficiency record

OFC 2017, LOS ANGELES – Nokia and Facebook have shown that it should be possible to cram 32Tb/s over a 5,500km submarine cable between New York and Ireland, an increase of two and a half times the cable’s stated operational capacity.

The field trial, which used a Bell Labs invention called “probabilistic constellation shaping” (PCS), also achieved a record spectral efficiency for a submarine cable of 7.46 b/s/Hz.

Ciena uses machine learning to create Liquid Spectrum

OFC 2017, LOS ANGELES – Ciena is introducing new capabilities that “empower network operators to tune, control and dynamically adjust optical capacity in an on-demand world”, which go under the umbrella of “Liquid Spectrum”.

At first glance it sounds like just another software-defined networking (SDN) story, when in fact there’s some very cool technology buried in Ciena’s announcement.

Infinera automates capacity engineering with Instant Network

Moving optical capacity from one place to another in a DWDM network can be difficult, but Infinera claims to have solved this challenge by making its bandwidth licence process more responsive to customer needs.

The result – which the company calls ‘Instant Network’ – allows customers to turn up capacity in just a few minutes rather than the hours it would have taken using its Instant Bandwidth licenses, or the months that it can take using a traditional capacity planning process.

Prysmian manufactures monster submarine cable for Superloop

Prysmian Group, the energy and telecom cable specialist, has delivered what it claims is the densest and highest fibre count underwater optical cable ever made.

An underwater FlexTube cable containing 1,728 optical fibres has now been successfully deployed by the Australian telecom provider Superloop for its TKO Express project, to provide internet connectivity between the areas of Siu Sai Wan on Hong Kong Island and the data centre hub of Tseung Kwan O (TKO) Industrial Estate on the mainland.

‘Li-Fi’ offers secure alternative for wireless company networks

Fibre-optics without wires is becoming reality. At OFC 2017, the Dresden Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems (IPMS) will demonstrate a prototype Li-Fi communications module that uses infrared light to transmit data over company networks.

Originally envisaged as light bulbs that could also act as wireless routers, Li-Fi technology can deliver signals over distances of up to 10m and at speeds of one gigabit per second or more.

Transceiver noise limits optical system capacity, research finds

Why do lab results never live up to simulations when determining the capacity of optical fibre? That’s the question asked by Dr Lidia Galdino from University College London’s department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering. She was surprised to discover that the transceivers used to transmit and receive optical signals have more of an impact on system performance than previously thought.

Viavi supplies 400G testers to cross-section of optical networking ecosystem

Test and measurement specialist Viavi Solutions reports that it has sold its ONT-600 400G tester to companies representing a cross-section of the high-speed optical networking ecosystem, demonstrating the momentum in this emerging yet rapidly growing market.

Customers range from chip, module and network equipment manufacturers, to a Tier-1 US telecommunications carrier offering wireless, wireline and converged services.


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