Bogotá to gain neutral fibre network

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Bogotá is set to become the first city in Colombia, Latin America to benefit from a neutral fibre network in the wholesale telecommunications market.

The development comes as incumbent operator ETB and neutral infrastructure operator Ufinet signed an agreement to create a separate company to commercialise a neutral FTTH network in the wholesale telecommunications market in the city and its nearby towns.

The network will begin by offering coverage to more than 1,200,000 homes, but the initial plan aims to double that figure, offering coverage in Bogotá-Region of about 2,500,000 homes in a maximum period of three years.

The strategy, said Ufinet, will allow more families in the region to have ultra-broadband access, including layers 1 and 2, especially important in today’s new reality, when the lack of connectivity or low speeds mean fewer opportunities to study, work from home, or enjoy entertainment.

The operation is currently subject to the pre-evaluation of the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce.


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