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FormFactor's fast photonic wafer probers enable rapid tests through faster photonic alignment than previously possible. (Credit: FormFactor Inc)

24 August 2021

Integration, automation, collaboration, customisation and designing for testing and manufacturability will help component, module and system makers expand with lower costs, finds Andy Extance

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24 August 2021

Keely Portway takes a look at the most recent developments in submarine networks, and the issues and trends currently shaping the market

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23 August 2021

With communication infrastructures getting smarter, Keely Portway asks, what are the advantages and the challenges of automation?

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23 August 2021

When it comes to baud rates, is higher always better?

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20 August 2021

How developments in modern fibre can help operators not only ensure fast, efficient deployment in MDUs, but also increase buy-in from consumers

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06 July 2021

With more than half of homes in Europe now covered by FTTH/B, how do we build on this momentum in a sustainable way? Keely Portway finds out


05 July 2021

Keely Portway considers the current state of 5G deployment and fibre networks’ role in its operation

High-density fibre can enable a new world of communication (image credit: Corning)

02 July 2021

Remote working, 5G and FTTH are pushing demand for denser, easier-to-deploy fibre, finds Andy Extance


06 May 2021

Are fibre deployments on course to meet targets? Keely Portway finds out

Image credit: CableLabs

05 May 2021

Cable television network operators are readying themselves for customers to pull fibre deeper into their networks, finds Andy Extance


04 May 2021

Advanced network automation could be integral to meeting capacity growth, but what’s the best way to implement it? Keely Portway asks the question

30 April 2021

With advances in silicon technology gathering pace, Keely Portway discovers three main ways they are being leveraged to enable the evolution of coherent optical engines