Analysis & Opinion


24 November 2020

2020 has shown standards are key to building the networks of tomorrow, and that’s something to be excited about, argues Bernd Hesse

24 November 2020

Keely Portway counts down some of the most-viewed and industry-shaping news stories of 2020

09 November 2020

Why is 5G only wireless from the antenna to your pocket? Mike Zammit asks the question

30 September 2020

Romain Tursi examines why rapid-link health validations are vital in multiple dwelling units, and how technicians can improve efficiency

28 September 2020

Georgina Williams takes a look at how voice communication in the UK has evolved and what it could look like in the future

30 July 2020

PIA has proven its value in a project to build a carrier-independent dark fibre route between Bristol and South Wales in the UK. Mark Weller explains

22 July 2020

Koji Okamoto underlines the importance of rebooting test processes for the ‘new normal’

06 July 2020

Geoff Bennett evaluates how 50 years of innovation in optical communications has more recently helped to bring light from the shadow of Covid-19

23 June 2020

Guillaume Baral outlines some of the significant benefits of adopting a more agile, modular approach to product development for fibre networks

22 June 2020

There is a massive commercial opportunity that fibre network providers are leaving in the ground, says Stuart Large

02 June 2020

Mattias Fridström looks at the role of software and collaboration in maximising optical networks in the future

24 April 2020

Five industry experts from the Broadband Forum talk top broadband trends