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23 October 2014

By Giacomo Losio, head of technology at ProLabs

ECOC 2014, the largest European optical communication conference, was a fascinating show. We saw myriad demonstrations of compact 100G devices in QSFP+ and CFP4 form factor, as well as multi-vendor interoperability of optical links where these two form factors are used. 100G client interfaces have reached a point where they can really enable design of dense systems.

Growth of affordable transceivers

17 September 2014

By Bertrand Clesca, head of global marketing, Xtera Communications

09 September 2014

By Stu Benington, vice president of cloud and SDN business unit, Coriant

The evolving connectivity needs of both businesses and consumers are piling the pressure on service providers on a daily basis. Traditional business models are being exposed as outdated, while the limitations of traditional static transport architectures are being challenged.

26 August 2014

Michelle Pauli, a writer for JISC, examines a dark fibre project that will enable researchers to explore the future internet

How can researchers do the very necessary work of experimenting with a future internet and its technologies without breaking the internet we already have?

'Dark fibre' is the key, and UK researchers now have access to a whole lot more of it, thanks to the arrival of Aurora2, the National Dark Fibre Infrastructure Service (NDFIS).

21 August 2014

Cable miniaturisation in FTTH deployments: choosing the right 200-micron fibre for outside plant networks, by Vanesa Diaz, Corning

18 August 2014

By Geoff Bennett, of Infinera

Writing anything about software defined networking (SDN) is guaranteed to get attention these days.  It’s a hot topic – not least because it really does offer a way to remove the domination of the Ethernet switch and core router markets by the established players and open up new possibilities for network functions virtualisation for network operators.
What is SDN?

22 July 2014

Now that the dust has settled after Next Generation Optical Networking 2014, Tim Gillett solicits the opinions of exhibitors and delegates

By any measure, it appears that the Next Generation Optical Networking show, held last month in June, was a huge success.

21 July 2014

Mike Jones, vice-president of MicroCare, describes the use of fluids other than alcohol for cleaning fibre optic connectors

During the 1970s, Bell Labs was busy perfecting the technologies to commercialise fibre optic communications. They could see a time when all the copper wire in the world could not handle the volume of data that people would want to send over phone lines.

06 June 2014

Vanesa Diaz, market development engineer at Corning Optical Fiber, describes the benefits of a bend improved optical fibre featuring full compatibility to legacy deployments

05 June 2014

With most of the industry focusing on fibre and high-bandwidth microwave systems, Max Penfold, Sales Manager at UTEL, reveals why copper’s new secret weapon could stunt fibre’s growth.

30 April 2014

Encircled flux is a metric for defining launch conditions on multimode optical fibre that reduces measurement uncertainty in link loss measurements shown by different test equipment. Adrian Young, senior technical support engineer at Fluke Networks, explains how to take account of encircled flux in Tier 1 optical loss measurement

27 March 2014

Robert Roe goes over the top, in his second analysis of some of the themes to emerge from OFC 2014

While the 12,700 visitors to OFC 2014 milled around the high-tech displays by the 550 exhibitors, the minds of some of the industry leaders were fixed firmly on the films that the American public likes to watch. Or, more precisely, the way in which the American public likes to watch its films.